John Faulkner is a professional photographer and artist living and working in the North East of England.  He graduated from the University of Northumbria in 1997 where he studied Contemporary Photographic Practice.

“Unseen Landscapes” is a series of photographs taken during walks in the county of Northumberland.  He bases himself in the traditional Nothumbrian landscape and then he allows himself to stray from the path, this takes him to unobserved places.  Here  away from the obvious  he finds unexpected beauty without nostalgia or cliché.  Immersing himself , often quite literally, in streams and rivers he looks closely at the detail of  ‘Nature’.

Seeking shelter in a hollow in the river bank during a storm forces him to pause and an ethereal scene reveals itself (see below)  only to disappear upon a second visit such is the capriciousness of nature.


_MG_6500 18


The photographs are taken to an exacting technical standard with  high resolution digital capture.  A minimum of adjustments are made in  Photoshop, only a monochrome conversion and  change to tonal range.  Archival pigment inkjet prints are made exhibiting a rich velvet tone, in this way they achieve a similar look and feel  to traditional silver halide  fibre based photographic prints.  The subsequent detail of the final print invites the viewer to scrutinize it in almost forensic fashion.











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